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Higher Consciousness

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My name is Susanne Jönsson. I am a healer since 1996 and a medium since 1997. I live in the south of Sweden and run my own business, Susanne’s Health Care. Since 2002 I have the advantage of working full-time as a healer and Spiritual teacher in all levels of healing, channeling, meditation and working with animals.

I have found practical techniques to achieve a Higher Consciousness and I understand how important it is to teach these techniques to as many as possible. My goal is that everyone should have an opportunity to learn - or remember - how to reach a Higher Consciousness.
Being able to train in these techniques over a relatively short time is a great advantage, most of us have been working for many years to reach the equivalent knowledge, but my belief is that it is now, in the times we live in, we need this knowledge! It's time!
This E-book is updated with new knowledge for 2013

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I am offering this E-book in order to assist
as many as possible to reach a Higher Consciousness.
Now is the time to make this knowledge available to all who
want/wish/strive to find the path to a Higher Consciousness.

I wish you every success and hope you will enjoy your increased knowledge.
Love // Susanne

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